Posted by: Manor Stables Veg plot | April 15, 2009

Easter Fun…

Fun over Easter… pics


Nelly….If I don’t look, then I don’t want it, but Poppy, you CANNOT have it!

Porky Nell

Her I am with my fave toy, guarding it…Poppy is faster…..but I still try to get it.


Hey, this is Boo – here I am blurred (mum….!!!!! The grass is in focus, I am not!) with the fave toy of Poppys. I have just pinched it….ha ha ha…<Dr Evil laugh>


This is Poppy…..mum is kind of doing this weird thing with the camera where she puts it on the floor and makes us look at it. She is weird….although Stinky nellys photo is quite good (next pic).

I was SUCH a good girl this weekend – I was off the lead for the first time, and I came back EVERY time I was called. Mum did have the BIGGEST handful of treats ever, but she didn’t need them half the time! I enjoyed myslef, but I’m in season at the moment, so mum won’t let me off for a while (unless we want the pitter patter of tiny feet – I don’t think so-mum), until I get ‘dun’ – dunno what that is, think it sounds naughty, but mum says it will be better for me and for the carpet/sofa/cushions/bedding/pillow etc, as it looks like Freddie Krugers been to ours! Anycase, nice pic of Nell, then we’re off.

Big Licks, us x



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