Posted by: Manor Stables Veg plot | April 21, 2009

In the Dog House Award

…goes to Nelly the Beagle for leggin’ it this morning when we were out for a walk.

Naughty Nelly

And making mummy run through a thick forest with 2 other beagles on leads, and still not catch her, then walk off and pretend not to be bothered (great advice by some random dog person) – IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!! Shes not bothered! Nellys having too much fun running round playing Rambo, swinging from trees, with mud on her cheeks!


Grrrrr, what a poop start to the morning.



  1. Hehe….been there, done that, got the t-shirt! Alfie was the worst, he has actually been missing overnight before….little &*$£! And my girls are pretty much confined to leads these days as they have discovered what their noses are for. And you’re right….walking off and pretending not to care might work with some breeds, but not with our little darlings because they REALLY don’t care!
    Rosie went rabbit hunting in the dunes the other day and I ended up having to lie down and loudly pretend to cry so she’d come close enough for me to grab her! I got some really funny looks!
    Beagles are BRATS…..but we wouldn’t swap them for the world, would we?
    Slobbers xx

  2. Ha ha – I can SOOOO picture that – lying down in the dunes and crying! i have hidden on a golf course before now in a BUNKER! try explaining that one! Golfers love us dog walkers in anycase (the ones round here don’t pick up poop!!! we do tho….)
    And no, I wouldn’t swap them….
    Us x

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