Posted by: Manor Stables Veg plot | May 13, 2009

Lets Pick on Nelly

…is a game often played by Bella and Poppy. They love it, and Nelly loves it!

We had a bad week last week, as nelly was in hospital with a distended stomach and it was rock solid and she kept drinking loads, and going to the loo when we’d pop out of the house for an hour! Vets thought Cushings, but today, results said No. Which is good, but not, as she was in discomfort, but they’re not sure what it is… fingers crossed it was just a one off.

Anycase, pick on nelly – this was last night as I was gardening:


Bark as loud as you can at Nelly


Bella barks, poppy runs in big circles…Nelly just watches! Catch me…! Oh you can’t!


Keep barking until Nelly snaps and she nips you!


And then chase her across the garden!


Where you can bark through small gaps….(why?)


And then we’re all friends.



And dog tired…..Boo with dad(on the chair that smells of dog – we’ve all got one!)


And so to bed….poppy doesn’t like the flash! Night



  1. Hahaha….cute post and great pics, love the last one, Rosie tends to look like that as she doesn’t like the flash either!
    Hope you’re having a good weekend, sorry we haven’t been by in a while!
    Slobbers xx

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