Hello! We are the amazing Sanderson Beagles. We can TYPE!!!! Can you believe it?? Anycase, sometimes we type, sometimes mum will type. But all in all, we’ll tell you about our days. Some will be fun, some will be DULL, but we’ll make them more exciting! We’re all below:

Nelly B

Nelly (aka Nelly B, Stinky, Nelly Da Beagle, Beagle Bottom). I am 8 years old in August and the matriach of the family.  And a bit grumpy with ‘tha kids’ (the other 2!)


Bella (aka Da Boo, Booooooo, ‘B’ Unit, Bruiser). I am 4 years old and the glue between Nelly & Poppy.


Poppy (aka Popsicles, Pin Head – she was a bit fat with a small head when she arrived, poppy Poo, Flopsy). I am just over 2 and a real puppy still, even though I should be a bit more grown up.


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