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Last but no means least…

Its Nelly…!

She is the old soul of the family and our first little lady.

 Nelly da beagle

She used to be a mummys girl, but now favours her dad. She loves cuddles, and scratches, especially if they involve her neck – she just collapses if you rub her neck!


We used to go for miles and miles will Nell when she was younger but I think we’ve walked her legs off, and she has a few joint problems. she also is on a most special diet – seems she cannot digest long proteins (garble vet speak for “any old crappy dog food”, it must be the most expensive stuff!) after she spent a week in the vets, and they basically stuck a camera down her throat to look at her stomach, as she wouldn’t stop throwing up. She is now on this ZD diet (think its a Sciences food) and I can count on one hand how many times she has thrown up in the last 18 months, when it used to be that amount a week. shes obviously much happier! She is happy as I spend a fortune on dog food for her too……


She is the only one that we let off the lead, as much training with me has led her not to run off – although if she does, you just hide and she panics and runs as quick as she can to try and find you! She is also the only one that comes back in pristine condition….she is a really girly girl!


Now for some more pics of today (camera went dead over the weekend, so non eof the walk and the mud socks that everyone had on Saturday, when Bella and poppy realsied that actually the little muddy puddle was very deep – the look of shear panic on poppys face was hilarious! Ekkkkkk, mummy I’m DIRTY!!!)


2 favourite pastimes – being nosey into next doors gardens and eating manure from the veg patch.

Bella and compost heap

Bella and the compost heap – the little mouse had been running round there when I turned the compost heap yesterday – oh the fun for a Beagle!

Bella & poppy on sofa

Honestly – this is defintately my home, not a MASSIVE kennel! Cream leather sofa….3 dogs! Eek!

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Da Boo

This is Bella da Boo – she looks more like a boy – bless! She is also built like a boy, there is nothing dainty about this little girl! We got her off E-Pupz (sorry! We knew no better) when she was 18 months as the family were ‘moving’ and they would only take 1 dog in the new house.


Rubbish – she was a nightmare is what she was!


We got all the way down to Llanelli from Castleford, a RIGHT long journey to pick her up, and the house stunk, and she lolloped all over the sofa, bashed the small dog who also lived there, and in Nessa stylee from Gavin and Stacey, looked at us, and went “Oh….whats occuring…?”.


She left their house, and just got in our car, no bother – a nice, clean, not flea infested Range Rover and spread herself out and went – “Yes, result!”


She arrived at our house, jumped on Nelly, (who was not really that sociable with other dogs, she stood there straight legged going – “what is THIS?”) and Bella proceeded to sit on the sofa, pinch the Sky remote, and crack open a beer…and THEN ordered take away pizza.


The Boo had landed.

Bella Beagle

And life was never the same again. She was our nr 2 dog, so life really did change! She is so loving, shes got the worst breath in the world, and no amounts of teeth brushing and teeth chews will eradicate. She is very protective of the garden and if anyone even chances to walk past the fence…boy do you know it. She likes to sleep – a nice Beagle trait, but will also walk for hours, until she wants to stop, and then does.


She dislocated her toe the other month, which was not fun – a protective beagle only being allowed out with a lead on in the garden, as she couldn’t walk on it! Literally, it was ‘bed rest’ – I mean, as if! Iput the lead down for 2 seconds to grab my coffee, and came out, and Poppy was taking Boo for a walk round the garden, lead in mouth, with Nelly looking panicky at me!


She is also the only dog I have known that can go out on a dry day and come back covered in mud! This is a pic from when we went for a walk at weekend at a local estate. See – mud!!! Dry day!!! ????? “Oh…whats occuring…?”

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Poppy Poo

I have a gardening blog, so its all things gardening and beagles for me! I thought I would show you Poppy who decided to ‘help’ me gardening the other week. bearing in mind there was a plant in the pot before she helped me….


She LOVES the pink pots – this is the 2nd one she has destroyed.  We got her from Beagle Rescue last July and she is a MONKEY, but we love her loads. her last owners didn’t want her as she barked too much. Hello…shes a Beagle! Thats kind…of…what…they…do! I would defo go to these places again if we were to get another Beagle. We had a few teething probs, but its all sorted now (prob something to write about later).


She goads the other 2 with her constant barking about an inch away from their ears, and stalks Bella across the garden. You can see Bella saying…”oh for petes sake Poppy, I can SEE you…theres no element of surprise!!!” And then they bite each others tails and run round a lot!

Poppy in motion


Poppy 2

She is not a true pedigree, and they believe she was crossed with a fox hound – she is quite skinny, no matter how much you feed her!


We didn’t think that another Beagle would be a good idea, but three is better than two!

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Hello world!

Well, hello there! Phew, this trek to the office to do some typing is a bit tiring for us beagles, but thought we would say hello, and update you for today!

lazy day

Well, as we basically rule the roost, we thought a lazy day was in order, so Nelly stayed in bed for a bit longer and Poppy ran amok with scraggy dog. All in all a good morning had by all. Oh, and then we had breakfast. Happy Dayz.

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