Posted by: Manor Stables Veg plot | April 16, 2009

Protection Beagles


we helped Mum last night down on her veg patch – obviously we didn’t quite help, we just ran round a lot and use the veg beds as pads from which to jump, and then accidently (honest mum) our feet may have dug up a small amount of onions…wasn’t on purpose.

so we got kicked out.

So, we patrolled the garden instead – me being Boo – had a massive go at someone who DARED to walk past our garden

big bum running

See, thats me running up the garden! (mum says don’t look at the grass, she KNOWS it needs cutting)


Poppy tried to be like me, but she just runs round with socks that shes pinched – naughty Poppy!

Seeing them off

So I had to do the job myself and see them off through my “lookey hole” in the fence – I can get my hole face out of it now – mummy is a little bit worried, but realises that I am a bit porky to be clambering though small holes! You can’t see her, but Poppy is hiding in the big green bush by the side of me barking. Silly Poppy.


And then we went into the ultility and had tea. Phew……I’m at the bottom, Poppy, barking for a change in the middle and little old Nell at the top.



  1. Haha, that last pic is a peach! We’re finally catching up….you girls sound nearly as naughty as us (maybe if there were four of you, hehe)
    Hope you had a great Easter and sorry it’s taken us so long to get here…..have another great weekend….perhaps do some work in the garden??
    Slobbers xx

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