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Day in Bridlington

Well, we (Bella & Poppy) had an unexpected day out in Bridlington yesterday! We were SO excited! Nelly stayed home as shes car sick and she cant walk as far as us sprightly, younger Beagles any more. Dad suggested to mum that she take a hooky day sick (even though he’s the boss) and off we went in the car.

We were allowed off the lead on the beach – we loved it! We were full of happiness and loved being in the sea.

Look! Thats us there with Dad…..we then ran into the sea! Was fun fun fun!

Then, as we’d had such a busy day…..bella fell asleep in the car on the way back!

Looking forward to our next visit…..

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Well, We’re Back!

The Girls - looking older but still cute March 2011

If only, so that mum can post all the pictures she has of us!

How life has changed though.

Grandad died in August last year – we miss him a lot. We dont get as many treats now, and he doesn’t come and see us everyday. Sure we’ll catch up with him eventually…..

Nelly (nearly 11) was diagnosed with Cushings Disease (liver) in November and then what we thought was Kennel Cough, turned out to be Congestive Heart Failure. So she rattles when she walks, with all her 11 tablets, but is still very happy. She eats far too much poo though….weird puppy!

Us 2 – Poppy & Boo are fine! Still crackers thanks!!

Nice to be back. We’ll catch up with some more pics soon.
N,B,P x

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Cute Beagles

When someone comes to our front door, the girls tend to meet them by piling on the the steps that over look the entracne. The girls just looked ultra cute the other day, so here are pics to show them!

Bella looking for someone, nelly being cute!

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Lets Pick on Nelly

…is a game often played by Bella and Poppy. They love it, and Nelly loves it!

We had a bad week last week, as nelly was in hospital with a distended stomach and it was rock solid and she kept drinking loads, and going to the loo when we’d pop out of the house for an hour! Vets thought Cushings, but today, results said No. Which is good, but not, as she was in discomfort, but they’re not sure what it is… fingers crossed it was just a one off.

Anycase, pick on nelly – this was last night as I was gardening:


Bark as loud as you can at Nelly


Bella barks, poppy runs in big circles…Nelly just watches! Catch me…! Oh you can’t!


Keep barking until Nelly snaps and she nips you!


And then chase her across the garden!


Where you can bark through small gaps….(why?)


And then we’re all friends.



And dog tired…..Boo with dad(on the chair that smells of dog – we’ve all got one!)


And so to bed….poppy doesn’t like the flash! Night

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In the Dog House Award

…goes to Nelly the Beagle for leggin’ it this morning when we were out for a walk.

Naughty Nelly

And making mummy run through a thick forest with 2 other beagles on leads, and still not catch her, then walk off and pretend not to be bothered (great advice by some random dog person) – IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!! Shes not bothered! Nellys having too much fun running round playing Rambo, swinging from trees, with mud on her cheeks!


Grrrrr, what a poop start to the morning.

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Protection Beagles


we helped Mum last night down on her veg patch – obviously we didn’t quite help, we just ran round a lot and use the veg beds as pads from which to jump, and then accidently (honest mum) our feet may have dug up a small amount of onions…wasn’t on purpose.

so we got kicked out.

So, we patrolled the garden instead – me being Boo – had a massive go at someone who DARED to walk past our garden

big bum running

See, thats me running up the garden! (mum says don’t look at the grass, she KNOWS it needs cutting)


Poppy tried to be like me, but she just runs round with socks that shes pinched – naughty Poppy!

Seeing them off

So I had to do the job myself and see them off through my “lookey hole” in the fence – I can get my hole face out of it now – mummy is a little bit worried, but realises that I am a bit porky to be clambering though small holes! You can’t see her, but Poppy is hiding in the big green bush by the side of me barking. Silly Poppy.


And then we went into the ultility and had tea. Phew……I’m at the bottom, Poppy, barking for a change in the middle and little old Nell at the top.

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Easter Fun…

Fun over Easter… pics


Nelly….If I don’t look, then I don’t want it, but Poppy, you CANNOT have it!

Porky Nell

Her I am with my fave toy, guarding it…Poppy is faster…..but I still try to get it.


Hey, this is Boo – here I am blurred (mum….!!!!! The grass is in focus, I am not!) with the fave toy of Poppys. I have just pinched it….ha ha ha…<Dr Evil laugh>


This is Poppy…..mum is kind of doing this weird thing with the camera where she puts it on the floor and makes us look at it. She is weird….although Stinky nellys photo is quite good (next pic).

I was SUCH a good girl this weekend – I was off the lead for the first time, and I came back EVERY time I was called. Mum did have the BIGGEST handful of treats ever, but she didn’t need them half the time! I enjoyed myslef, but I’m in season at the moment, so mum won’t let me off for a while (unless we want the pitter patter of tiny feet – I don’t think so-mum), until I get ‘dun’ – dunno what that is, think it sounds naughty, but mum says it will be better for me and for the carpet/sofa/cushions/bedding/pillow etc, as it looks like Freddie Krugers been to ours! Anycase, nice pic of Nell, then we’re off.

Big Licks, us x


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Big Licks for easter…….Love us x

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Poppys Puppy Trauma


Play tug of war with mummy. Hmph…mummy wins. Mummy lobs it for me to follow……..



Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nellys picked it up instead – must follow her incase she drops it…..


waiting 2

drop it….drop it…drop it…DROP IT!!!!!!!!!!





run away

Run away……run away…..quickly…..shes not noticed…..



Give it a damn good chewing for being SO naughty!

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Happiness is…

..after eating and walking…sleeping/lazing about, and boy do us girls do a lot of it!

Boo with remote

Boo – I have taken to sitting with my head on the arm of the chair – a strange look, but very comfy. Oh, and the sky remote is just next to me so I can change channel whenever I want!

Boo in spare room

Boo – me in the spare room. Not asleep, jusy waiting for mum to move, so I can follow her.

Bella & poppy

Boo & Poppy – I don’t know why mum has beds for us, when the couch is so much comfier…?

Boo again

You noticed its Boo again – this girl likes her grub…not so much the walking….and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping! This is her bed on a night time.

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